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Active8 Team


Gitz Parmar


Owner & Founder of Active8 health & fitness.


Gitz Parmar (Head therapist/trainer) was trained at the elite international institute of Sports Therapy. He is a licensed soft tissue /sports therapist and biomechanical expert. He has been working in the health & fitness industry for over 16 years, with a phenomenal track record for helping hundreds of satisfied healthier clients. He has an extraordinary talent in diagnosing, treating and rehabilitating all types of injuries.

His expertise includes personalized fitness training, various treatment techniques, neuromuscular facilitation, nutritional & detoxification consulting, making his approach powerful and effective. 


Key skills

·      Helping to prepare athletes both mentally and physically

·      Advising about stretching and warming up exercises

·      Administering therapeutic techniques

·      Making decisions about whether athletes and players can continue

·      Examining and assessing injuries

·      Providing appropriate treatment

·      Designing and implement rehabilitation and detox programmes

·      Advising about nutrition, diet and lifestyle issues

·      Collaborating with trainers and coaches on injury prevention programmes

·      Personal Trainer

·      Writes health articles for the Active8 blog.




Manisha Parmar


Employee of Active8 health & fitness


Manisha Parmar, Background in corporate travel but has been working with Active8 since 2011.


·      Manisha is a trainer for the kids Funtastic Future program. Is trained and qualified by Gitz

·      Trainer for women’s classes & Personal training

·      Writes health benefit articles for the Active8 blog

·      Looks after & updates the website

·      Carrying out all administrational work

·      Sales & Marketing

·      Organising events/Demo’s/Classes

·      Taking bookings

·      Undertaking or commissioning research, collating, mapping and monitoring data





Employee of Active8 health & fitness


Karthik has joined Active8 as a professional boxer for our BKFiness classes and Advanced boxing training.

A professional boxing trainer and a National level coach (bagging 1 gold 2 silver 3 bronze at sub-junior National boxing championship 2012 in Akola, Maharashtra).

Produced national level boxers both men and women of all ages.

A member of the Indian contender league, a professional boxing league that is about to be launched (ICL).

He started boxing in the year 2000, under international quality coaches and Arjuna awardees.

 He has been under sports authority of Karnataka (SAK) participating and obtaining medals in National and state championships.

Acquired first place in VTU University inter college tournament and hence participated in the all India inter-University championship.