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Gym & Spa Consulting

Challenges Facing Today‚Äôs Gyms & Spa’s

Gym owners are losing tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands due to their fitness instructors lacking in sufficient training methods and techniques. As my team and I travel the world consulting for gyms and spas we carefully observe fitness trainers, and we are shocked at how fitness trainers train their clients.

Equipment: With all the equipment available to purchase for gyms now, choosing the right kit can be a difficult task. We have also noticed that members and private clients are using the wrong techniques with no structure to their training methods. We will not only help choose your equipment butalso train your trainers to the highest standards, so they can apply the methods to your business, members and their clients.

Ambiance: Setting the right feel to your gym, spa, health club is an utmost priority, your members and staff must enjoy the experience every time they entre the building or space. We will make sure that your business has the unique feel and ambiance that you require.


Solutions: Active8 Health & Fitness Gym & Spa Consulting services are focused towards helping clients achieve greater success in was is an ever-increasing competitive business environment.We provide revenue increasing train-thetrainer programs, safe and effective equipment use training, injury prevention, client communication, layout design, for commercial gyms & spas as well as home gyms.

During our first meeting, we will discuss your overall business goals and objectives for your future gym and spa: training requirements, brand ideas, mission statement, growing membership, amenities, personnel/staff, pre-sale plans, up-selling, marketing.
Next, we create a plan of action. Which includes training programs, floor plan layout, and equipment recommendation. We’ll work with you to pick and choose the proper equipment for your gym. Setting the right design, ambiance, layouts in a gym is very important and we know what works and what doesn’t. Colours schemes and uniforms to match or reinforce your corporate identity.
This phase gets you ready to open: We can hire and train staff for you and supply them with all necessary certifications, procedures, scripts and computer programs to run a successful personal training program. We also offer a staffing service where Active8 health & fitness sends its own staff to provide personal training and massage services. Even before you are open we will start generating a member base for you.
The final phase ensures you open all systems functioning. Now that you’re ready to open or we have made all the changes and really prepared. Do you have enough towels? Are your staffs trained and ready to handle new members? Whatever the case is, we’ll see it through to make sure opening day is a success, and every day thereafter gets better. We will help and provide the right exposure for your business to be very successful.