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Heel Pain

  • Plantar fasciitis  is probably the most common cause of pain under the heel which can radiate into the foot.


  • Bruised heel  also has symptoms of heel pain but doesn’t usually radiate under the foot.


  • Servers Disease occurs mainly in active children aged 8 to 15 years old and results in pain at the back of the heel.


  • Heel Spur has similar symptoms to, and is often confused with plantar fasciitis although they are different conditions.


  • Calcaneal fracture  or broken heel bone is a fracture of the calcaneus bone in the heel.


  • Medial Calcaneal Nerve Entrapmenthas similar symptoms to tarsal tunnel syndrome with pain on the inside of the heel which may radiate towards the center of the heel. 


  • Lateral Plantar  nerve entrapment causes pain radiating to the inner, lower heel and inner ankle area.


  • Tarsel Tunnel Symdrome  causes a burning type pain in the heel which radiates into the arch of the foot and sometimes the toes.


  • Talar stress fracture  is a stress fracture of the talus bone which sits on top of the large calcaneus or heel bone.


  •  Archilies Bursitis or retrocalcaneal bursitis usually results in pain at the back of the heel