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Written July 10th 2008

Dear Gitesh,

Thank you for your quick action on my injured heel.

It was so painful I could not even walk the 300 yards to the train station and even moving around the house was a chore.

Three weeks later I am almost back to normal, being a part time martial art instructor my normal is probably excessive.

You were the third therapist and the youngest to by 5-10 years I saw, the others even made no difference and my foot worse.

You took control with a confidence cheerful active attitude.

Gave me strict instructions on what I needed to do for the quickest possible recovery.

Infact, you squeezed me into you crammed packed schedule at unbelievably early times in the morning s I could get as much treatment as quick as possible.

Your go get mind setis catching!You explained to me about green algae from the U.S into one of the most nutritious foods in the world and help’s speed recovery and keep’s your body in top condition. And now I eat the algae almost everyday.

I should also mention a skill most therapists do not have, is great communication skills and explaining the injury so could get a good understanding about my injury. You managed my case perfectly,

You probable know how I am interested in health and fitness but every therapy session with you is an education. I always learn something new.

I especially liked your automated, infra –red multi sensory relaxation bed, that puts your body and mind in the right frame of mind for treatment and healing.

And you have saved me in terms of my foot, health, pain, time and financially as I had spent a small fortune on over eight types of foot orthotics, heels protectors and shoes and other therapists.

So. Please thank you again.


David Clarke
Business Man,
(4th Degree Martial Arts)


P.S I would appreciate you filing me in on the complete range of services. I am sure some of my friends would prefer to get their treatment done so efficiently.

PPS. You are better then gold to me.

With your permission I would like to reward you by introducing to my business colleagues and clients.


UK, London

Vishwanath Iyer

After all these years of working out, in just a couple of sessions, I learned about the importance of bio-mechanics from Gitesh Parmar. Gitesh an amazing combination of bio-mechanics specialist, fitness trainer and sports physiotherapist has been training me. He has taught me how to run, how to lift, how to train like a beast for maximum results all with no possibility of injuries. Very thankful Gitesh, thank you! Looking forward to more painful sessions :). — Vishwanath Iyer



16th February 2013

Gitesh is a great trainer and therapist. He has assimilated knowledge from various sub-disciplines of health and wellness to customise his own brand of comprehensive wellness management. He takes into account each individuals current fitness levels and gradually builds up their strength. While there are other trainers and/or therapists out there, Gitesh distinguishes himself with his personalised attention, easy rapport, excellent communication skills and proven results.

My daughters (aged 10 and 8) attend the children’s group fitness class. And unlike other classes they never want to miss any one if his classes. I have found that Gitesh is a wonderful role model for them not only in terms of guiding them on a healthy lifestyle but also on life skills such as cooperation, self-belief and improving one’s potential. Moreover, it doesn’t hurt that my daughters find him “COOL, fun and very kind”.

I would without hesitation recommend Active8 services.

Ritu Kumar
(Sobha Jasmine Apts, Bangalore)



 15th March 2013, Bangalore


Introduction: –My family friend introduced me to Gitz as I had injured my hand through an accident and I need to rehab and strengthen it.


My Experience:-I met him during the 1st week of January 2013. He evaluated my hand and my physique in general and gave me two options.

  1. Rehab plan for my hand
  2. Training for my physique.


The treatment started immediately. The hand has recovered very well.


We simultaneously started working towards strengthening my physique. I got excited and started stressing myself out and the outcome was a excruciating abdomen pain. My friend Gitz took a deep dive into my body tissues on the pain areas and identified the problem. He then changed his course of action towards me. This problem was more related to my inner conditioning of tissues and definitely if I had visited a doctor, I would have been operated now. Thanks to Gitz for his excellent guidance. He started working towards curing my really problem using therapy. This treatment is almost in the last stages and I am almost feeling normal.  In another 2 weeks, we will go back to the strengthening training.


About Gitz- Gitz is an excellent trainer and therapist. Gitz is also very friendly, understandable and responsible professional to be associated with. He is very knowledgeable and possesses good communication skills….  He engages in conversation while working so that he can divert the attention on his trainees while he can dive deep and fix the issue…. He follows up at the end of each session by providing material for homework….


Conclusion: – It is nice to be associated with Gitz and would without hesitation recommend services offered by him (Active8) to my friends colleagues and relatives…

Giri Devanathan

Bangalore, India




31st August 2013

Having had a heavy head and nose for weeks I (reluctantly) decided to meet Gitz for the sinus drainage process based on my husband’s recommendation. To my tremendous joy and relief, the sinus drainage process was extremely effective and I came back completely relieved and rejuvenated!!

I would recommend anyone with a sinus condition to meet with Gitz for a very natural and painless way to get relief.


Bangalore, India



11th May 2014


A long story made incredibly short. Jan ’13, excruciating pain in my shoulder – felt like my shoulder was giving birth to nonuplets. Couldn’t raise my arm more than 6 inches. Lost all effective use of the arm. 1st diagnosis – gout. I kept giving birth to nonuplets. 2nd diagnosis – frozen shoulder. 1st prognosis – surgery, stapled muscles, max 80% movement. Enter Gitesh Parmar, a soft tissue therapist. 2nd prognosis – ‘no worries mate, I’ll get it back to 100% without any need for surgery.’ Today – better than ever. Gitesh, I owe you big time! Thanks friend.

Adrian Cavinder

Bangalore, India



Every lock has a key , Every problem has a solution.

I had a very bad lower back, stiffness with which I was not able to do my regular daily activities. I took his therapy treatment and after 5 sessions it turned around and 75% pain relieved.

Apple a day makes the Doctor stay away likewise, Keep doing regular exercise everyday that will keep your body hale and healthy.



June 2014, Bangalore, India





My name is Jyoti Prakash Rath.
The first magic which I saw Gitz performing was when he fixed my cousin sister Pragyana’s legs . I remember before she went to Gitz how horrible her condition was . Doctors had already told that she has to go through surgery. She used to get pain if she was continuously walking for 30 mins. If she stands very quickly she used to get horrible pain . And even lot of times she had returned from office in a ambulance because she would be going through horrible pain especially if she walked incorrectly on steps . And after Gitz treated her legs ,after 6 months she was playing cricket and badminton for her company . It was really magic which he performed .

The second magic was when I went to see him with my injured wrist. After a month of a bike accident I observed that my wrist had become extremely weak  . I though time will cure it but it didn’t . It was difficult to open the lock or accelerate the bike because the wrist was not able to take any movement . After Gitz treated my wrist for 3 months I was doing push-ups with the wrist and even learning to box.

After those I have always consulted him for any small muscle pain the body has, my neck or lower back . He used to take care that those small problems do become big ones . I hope you return to India Gitz….because in India lot of people still need your knowledge and expertise to get fixed . Adios for now 🙂 🙂

Thanks And Regards,

Jyoti Prakash Rath

June 2014 




19th June 2014


Hi Gitz and Manisha,
It was an amazing experience to have met you.
Gitz, you not only cured me of my injuries but also taught me a lot about overall fitness and nutrition.
I genuinely felt that you have a passion to push people towards fitness.
Amit Singh

June 2014


I had a great experience with Gitesh. He is not only a wonderful trainer but also a great therapist. He has all the good qualities needed for a therapist, like, amazing communication skill, in-depth knowledge about health and fitness, gives personalized attention and above all he is very friendly. His therapy sessions are always relaxing and fruitful.

My kids (7 & 10 yrs) started Gitesh kid’s fitness classes since Aug 2012 and needless to say, they simply love him as a teacher/trainer. They never miss a single class rather my son is so enthusiastic about his class that he reaches the class half an hour early, so that he shouldn’t miss on anything J  another best part about his class is, he encourages kids to follow the healthy lifestyle and its amazing to see kids following it wholeheartedly. Thanks Gitesh.

We will surely miss you but hope to see you and Manisha in India soon.

Its wonderful to be associated with Gitesh and based on my personal experiences, I would surely recommend his services.


Thanks & Regards

Aparna Dixit




Change Happens: Over the past 2 years Gitesh Parmar and Manisha Parmar, you both have inspired and trained hundreds of children and adults in Bangalore to improve their health and fitness. You brought relief to those in pain, who Doctors here had written off. You brought with you a level of professionalism and expertise that is missing in the ever growing health and fitness industry. We recently experienced a therapy session by a fairly well know establishment for back pain, and if your (Gitesh) therapy treatments are a 10, their service was a 1, maybe a 1.5, and this was by an individual who had all the credentials, including being a Doctor of Osteopathy. While India sorely needs such expertise, the WINDS OF CHANGE have come, and for now, your true live adventure takes you back to London.

You will be missed, and we wish you both a Funtastic Future full of love, peace & joy


Beejal Parmar

Bangalore, India